Quality is our daily commitment to you. We have a dedicated team of highly-trained Quality Assurance specialists who are responsible for ensuring the quality and food safety of every product available through Gordon Food Service.

For both private and nationally branded products, our mission is to ensure that each product meets defined standards of food safety and product quality. We achieve this through industry-leading, repeatable processes that engage all aspects from farm/field to fork (including product creation, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and end-user application).

These processes require a team approach and key staff members are properly trained and strategically placed to maintain these standards throughout the business. We also utilize key metrics by supplier and customer to evaluate our performance and seek measurable ways to implement continuous improvements for food safety, sanitation, and consistency.

Guidelines, Practices, and Procedures

Our Quality Assurance Team has developed comprehensive programs and a complete set of guidelines, practices, and procedures that cover all aspects of our business. To be complete, these food quality and safety processes must be maintained through supplier to our company to customer. Here is a brief overview of our programs:

all of our products meet comprehensive food safety programs that meet or exceed the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Department of Commerce, and we have certificate ISO9001 , ISO 22000 , ISO 14001

A trained Quality Inspector is in every distribution center every day to ensure incoming products comply with our expectations

Semi-annual third party audits are conducted to verify our food safety, sanitation, and quality systems

Customer Assurances

Comprehensive recall notification process
Regularly scheduled product sampling and testing to ensure product compliance with standards
Incident-handling process for timely and complete resolution

By choosing us as your food service distributor, you can be absolutely confident knowing that a team of dedicated, highly-trained quality professionals ensure you receive safe, consistent, and quality products every time.