Engy Foods one of the companies and factories of ANP co. group for Investment and Development one of the largest economic groups in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa

Founded in 2003 in Badr - Behira City - Egypt. and have a great factories for the production frozen vegetables and fruit, juice and pickle

Factories have obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 2200 and ISO 14001 and built factories to twenty thousand square meters and volume of export up to 36 countries around the world

Frozen Fruits and vegetables Factory
produces more than 45 product freeze IQF tecnology plant and holds many certificates and capacity 7,000 tons annually

Factory of Tomato Paste and fruit concentrates
produces fruit pulp and concentrates such as tomato paste, mango, guava and orange, productivity of 5,000 tons annually

Juice factory
produces all kinds of natural juices of the fruit pack in different sizes with capacity 75 thousand liter per day

Pickles factory
produces more than 25 varieties of pickles features in all types of olive with capacity 12,000 tons per year

Dryers factory
The factory drained onion, garlic, lemon with capacity 3,200 tons annually

We offer competitive price and the best quality becuse we are First Hand (Producers) and our products from our Farms